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by 3 Hour Power Shower

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This is a culmination of the music of our first year being a real thing. Will we get better? Will we ever record again? How many licks does it take to get to the center of a tootsie pop? Who knows.
Yeah, cool. In all honestly, you'll hear more from us soon. Everyone in the band loves you for supporting us. Everything counts. It wouldn't be the same without the people who have come to our shows and had an okay time. We certainly had an okay time.
So yeah, for the time being, that's it. :)


released May 29, 2015

All songs written by the whole enchilada that is the band (except for "why we aren't going to heaven", which was all Jimmy, that sly dog). All lyrics by Jimmy Cinski.
Thank you Brett Ransom for letting me use your baby as the cover of our first album thing. Also thank you for being an extremely positive influence and sharing your love of music with the people around you.
Thank you parents for like, the usual parent stuff.
Thank you to everyone who hasn't believed in us.
Thank you to everyone who has believed in us.
Most especially, thank you Nick @ World of Noise Studio for all the work in recording, mixing, and mastering. He's doing good things as a good person.
Thanks for listening. Come back again soon maybe.



all rights reserved


3 Hour Power Shower Buffalo, New York

Super famous.
Tyler Will on drums, Jon Andrews on bass, Jimmy Cinski singing and rhythm guitar, and Jaden Zhang on lead guitar.

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Track Name: Melancollar
Only drunk on weekends when you're feeling helpless and you need someone's lips on your own without your body feeling cold. Isn't that much fun now? You hate it, but love the sound of somebody's body underneath while you crush their ribcage with your feet.
And I'm so apathetic, I can't even get a headache from my ever-constant snapping bones. It just feels so good to be alone. You're better off on acid than I ever was in blankets, yet no one can ever get you high: 'cause I'm as weak as the next guy.
Does the bright green light still relax you when you fall asleep? I'll never understand how you got to bed without me.
My words are inconsistent; I'm warm, but I'm so distant, and you are getting oh so close. You've destroyed my shoulders, knees, and toes. I just can't get it off now, I'm labelled cheap but know how to get you exactly where I want; my words will forever be a taunt.
Like a moth to a flame I'd strip you of your wings, burning everything. I hope you'd do the same, but only if you were me.
Does the bright green light still relax you when you fall asleep? I'll never understand how you got to bed without me.
Track Name: Noot Noot
I'm in your vents, your roof your house. I am the walls, I am a mouse. These trading cards and plastic dice could never stop my army mice; and maybe you don't want them to - coming soon to you.
You are the bully king, give you my lunch money. All at the expense your mother's free.
And how's the kid now that I'm gone? I stole that line from a sitcom. you never thought you'd rid of me misplacing words all in your dreams: kept seeing me at night - put up a better fight.
But now my soul is free; I am done wind waking. And now I can't see past the sea, everything you wanted me to be.
I will always be upset, I won't even waste my breath.
Track Name: Mike Haritz
Sometimes responsibility feels so good, like oh yeah, this is my happy place. So leave me alone about it; I'm busy saving face.
That's just what you wanted isn't it? Just add five more sets and that's what you'll get.
The bags under your eyes are filled with me, you're tired of this I know. But if we're not broken, don't fix us; you can't shovel when there's no snow.
Now, I know this isn't the best we've been, but for now it's all we've got. You tried real hard, but baby, it's ruined. You've more than undone the knot.
That's just what you wanted isn't it? Just add five more sets and that's what you'll get.
This one's on me, so put it on.
Track Name: why we aren't going to heaven
I've troubled God, asked it for reprieve; answered with its lips and marrow. Unsightly God, with all its crooked teeth, put me on the straight and narrow. "Here's a way of getting what you want; only dirty if you think so." So I told God, my tired eyes all gaunt, I didn't want a path paved yellow.
I'm very bent, I've told you this before. Don't try to ask when you know the answer.So very sick of waking every day, feeling like my pain is futile. A constant feud, a struggle for life; why bother when everything hurts? I guess that's why I'm looking for answers, somebody else to solve my problems.
A sick old saint/a waitress of such hopes couldn't tell me what I wanted. It just got worse; a stack of papers without audit. I can't be their friend, an uncomfortable thought. I'm having issues like my mom did. A dystopian youth; I won't make it out, this is it the end, game over.
Just like I knew it would play out: I'm caught in my head, trembling with the fear, crying in my bed. I can't finish anything that I start, hell, I can't even start; I'm done before the race ever hits my heart. An antiquated love for everything you do; I hope you crash and burn, I'll die here with you.
Game over.